The Royalties received per comic book sale are divided into 6 departments/groups. (After Production Cost):
1. Writers
2. Editors
3. Sales & Marketing 4. Artists
5. Other MGMT
6. The Website Development Team

Each of these are explained in further detail below. If you handle all of the tasks in a certain department for your comic book, (e.g. You handle all of the "writing" tasks), you will receive the entire royalty. If you handle 1 task in a department, and other people fullfill the other tasks, the royalties are dispersed to each person based upon which task they fullfilled:
Writer: 20%
-Series creator: 1% (Whoever Wrote the Pilot Episode.)
-Lead Writer: 5% (The one currently in charge of the writers of Future Episodes of this series.)
-Think Tanks: 1% (Making the ideas that create the Season)
-Story: 5% (turning the season arc into many Arcs, e.g. 12, for Episodes.)
-Script: 8%
Editors: 13%
-Writer's editor: 4.5%
-Artist's editor: 4.5%
-Chief Editor: 4%
Sales & Marketing: 15% ========================================
Artists: 25%
-Concept Artists: 1%
-Scene descriptions: 5% (Director)
-Lead Artist: 4%
-Pencil Artists: 5%
-Vector Artists: 5%
-Scene assembly: 5% (Can aslo be fullfilled by a writer)
Other Mgmt: 7%
-Character development
-Character & Background art
The Website Development Team: 20%
Your character idividually makes moneys when it sell merchandise (t-shirts, hats, cards, birthday party supplies, etc...) When the merchandise only has your character (where you invented the series, and make the story/script) the on it, we subtract the cost of making the merchandise, then you get 15% of the sale. If your character shares spotlight on merchandise, the 20% is split between the character's owners on the merchandise.
3 Real Examples of what that can actually mean:

1. If you create the main characters & the series, are the lead writer, then write the story & the script, do all of the pencil art for the comic book scenes, make the digital versions, and assemble the scenes, you'd receive 45%.

2. If you create the main characters & the series, are the lead writer, then write the story & the script, but... Other people do everything else, Everytime someone buys your one of your comic books, you'd receive 20%.

3. If someone else creates the main characters & the series, is the lead writer and they write the story, but you write the script, you handle the scene assemble of the scenes the artists made, you'd receive 13%.

(The above are real examples that have already been executed and paid royalties, but the results on your comic book can vary, depending upon the size of the team and how many people handle certain tasks.)